Born in Bay City, Texas, Weasle (pronounced like the animal) grew up in Clute and San Antonio, Texas. She is a huge Marvel fan, and reads numerous comics from that imprint. For fun, she likes to work on hacking projects, mess with electronics, read Wikipedia articles, and watch YouTube videos about all manner of subjects. In addition, she loves to play video games, and used to make ROMs to play on Gameboy or emulators. Weasle credits playing video games with helping her in her cybersecurity career due to the challenging and problem-solving aspects of the games.

Weasle found us through STLCC, where her professors suggested she check out our program to augment her ethical hacking studies. Being very interested in cybersecurity, she began her journey with us to become an apprentice, and ended up at SuprTek. She “loves that cybersecurity never gets boring, there’s always new things to learn. I love that there are always new challenges. I really like that I can be on the actual front lines, protecting people and information. It makes me really happy to know that my skills and gifts that I have are really useful!”

Her history with IT stretches all the way back to elementary school, where due to her “profound dyslexia and ADHD” she was often sent to the library so that her teachers wouldn’t have to deal with her. The librarian would let her play on/with the computers, which eventually led her down the path to become an IT professional. At one point, she even fixed the librarian’s computer, and became the unofficial IT person for her school. Currently, she is enjoying her work with SuprTek and continues to study for certifications. 

To new candidates and apprentices, she says “DO IT! Don’t be afraid. You can learn it! We all start somewhere, and we have to keep learning.” She hopes to have her Top Secret clearance in the next five years, and wants to work in cyber as an ethical hacker for the US government. She is also continuing her education — she already has an Associate’s in Applied Science in Cybersecurity, Security+,  and a certificate in IT Help Desk — by studying for her CySA+ and Cloud+ certifications. We are very pleased that Weasle will be continuing on at SuprTek and wish her the best of luck!