CyberUp Strives to Create Pandemic Resilient Workforce

St. Louis, MO – April 30, 2020. CyberUp joined forces with Scott Air Force Base Airman and Family Readiness Center in early March to train 13 military spouses through CyberUp’s 8-week IT Fundamentals course. The military spouses learned the essential IT skills and knowledge needed to perform tasks commonly performed by advanced end-users and entry-level [...]

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Weasle Forsythe and Her Desire to Learn

Born in Bay City, Texas, Weasle (pronounced like the animal) grew up in Clute and San Antonio, Texas. She is a huge Marvel fan, and reads numerous comics from that imprint. For fun, she likes to work on hacking projects, mess with electronics, read Wikipedia articles, and watch YouTube videos about all manner of subjects. [...]

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Fun at the CyberCamp – AFA CyberCamp McKendree

Fun At the CyberCamp - AFA CyberCamp McKendree By Emily Layeski, Office Coordinator for MC2 It has officially been one week since the McKendree CyberCamp!  Time is just flying by so fast.  As I reflect on what happened during the camp, I am so thankful for the hard work of our wonderful volunteers, tech mentors, [...]

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Inspiring Youth towards STEM Careers

Inspiring Youth towards STEM Careers By Dr. Robert Dillon, Director of Innovative Learning - School District of University City     As a teacher and school leader, it is always interesting to see what sticks six months later. About six month ago, Brittany Woods Middle School at the School District of University City hosted a [...]

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LMI Infuses Cyber Technology and Research Lab with $50,000 to Support Security Initiatives

LMI, the premier sponsor of the Midwest Cyber Center (MC2), visited the newly established Cyber Technology and Research Lab (CTRL) near Scott AFB on June 30, 2017. LMI executive and corporate staff members received a tour of the lab and presented a $50,000 check in support of the facility’s initiatives. LMI’s Midwest Regional Office director, [...]

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Cyber Technology & Research Lab Opens Near Scott Air Force Base

CYBER TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH LAB OPENS NEAR SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE Cybersecurity nonprofit creates Cyber Technology & Research Lab for community resource in St. Louis area.   St. Louis, MO – June 06, 2017.  The Midwest Cyber Center (MC²) opens Cyber Technology & Research Lab (CTRL) to develop a highly-trained workforce.   CTRL has been [...]

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Fostering Information Sharing through ISAO’s

Fostering Information Sharing through ISAO's Midwest Cyber Center's (MC²) March Cyber Breakfast invited Rick Lipsey, from LMI, to provide insights on what an ISAO is, does and will mean for our region. The establishment of ISAOs allows communities of interest to share cyber threat information with each other on a voluntary basis, resulting in an [...]

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