Thankful and Smiling – MC² Bash & Brews  

Thankful and Smiling – MC² Bash & Brews   By Tony Bryan, Executive Director for MC² I have a confession to make. I really don’t like fundraisers. After nearly 10 years in the nonprofit world I have planned A LOT of them. Galas, golf tournaments, trivia nights, stuff online, and even a night on Broadway. Each [...]

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Why business, government, and military officials in St. Louis built one of the country's first cyber apprenticeship programs. By Schuyler Velasco, CXO Magazine Staff writer Tucked away in a suburb of low-slung ranch homes just outside St. Louis, Missouri, Masterclock is more important than its relative obscurity suggests. Many of the world’s top tech and defense firms, such as [...]

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The Cyber Hack That Changed the Course of a Life

The Cyber Hack That Changed the Course of a Life By Katherine Drollinger, Cybersecurity Apprentice   The computer turned black and white in front of my stunned eyes.  I didn’t know it at the time, but someone had taken remote control of my computer and was running the command prompt.  I was 13 at the [...]

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Masterclock Teams up with Midwest Cyber Center to keep in Sync with Evolving Security Requirements

The rapidly evolving nature of threats in today’s cyber landscape has prompted St. Charles-based Masterclock, Inc. to partner with the Midwest Cyber Center to better position the company for future success in understanding and adopting best practices in cyber activity and security. “We supply timing equipment to organizations around the globe and have seen quite [...]

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