The Apprenticeship Approach

By Amber Lowry For years, employers have complained that there aren’t enough workers with the skills they need. Even with 1.9 million students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2016, and 64,405 of those students earning a degree in computer and information sciences 1, it’s still not enough for companies to keep up with [...]

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Tales from the Crypt — Entry-level Jobs

By: Amos Reed Welcome to another terrifyingly tantalizing Tale from the Crypt. Imagine, if you will, being led down an educational path by a trusted council. After applying yourself to the studies of the coursework and emerging with a coveted four-year degree, you are filled with the anticipation of starting an exciting career in an [...]

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What is the current definition of “entry-level?”

What is the current definition of “entry-level?” “Entry-level” is defined as “at the lowest level in an employment hierarchy” or “suitable for a beginner or first-time user; basic.” This definition makes it clear that “entry-level” workers are beginners or first-timers with only a basic understanding of the work, so they start their careers at the [...]

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Weasle Forsythe and Her Desire to Learn

Born in Bay City, Texas, Weasle (pronounced like the animal) grew up in Clute and San Antonio, Texas. She is a huge Marvel fan, and reads numerous comics from that imprint. For fun, she likes to work on hacking projects, mess with electronics, read Wikipedia articles, and watch YouTube videos about all manner of subjects. [...]

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Darrick Hall’s Search for a Role in Cybersecurity

Darrick was born and raised in Idaho and came to St. Louis in search of jobs and a life for his family, a wife and two children. He enrolled at Maryville University in cybersecurity, and quickly found out from seniors in his program that getting an internship was key to finding a job, and getting [...]

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