Competition Details


Watch the PowerUp Cyber Games Kickoff video with your students the week of October 18. The video will include an introduction to the season, tips for connecting with a Navigator, and walking through Cryptography challenges with experts.

PowerUp Cyber Games Season Important Dates



Open Source Intelligence

Log Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis


Software Security

Practice Period

October 18 – November 10

November 14 – December 8

December 12 – January 12

January 16 – February 9

February 13 – March 9

March 13 – April 15

Competition Window

November 11-13, 2021

December 9-11, 2021

January 13-15, 2022

February 10-12, 2022

March 10-12, 2022

April 14-16, 2022

Coach Registration

Coaches should register themselves for the 2021-22 season HERE. Using that link, you’ll create your own PowerUp Cyber Games account hosted by Cyber Skyline and log into the 2021-22 Practice Gym. Use your existing log-in information if you have previously coached PowerUp Cyber Games teams.

Bookmark this link to access your PowerUp Cyber Games dashboard:

Use the “Advisor Insights” tab to view your students’ performance on your PowerUp Cyber Games dashboard.

Student Registration

Coaches will receive game codes that your students can redeem online (just like a gift card) after full registration payment is received. Distribute these game codes one per student. Look for the codes in an email from Cyber Skyline. Students will need to be able to receive emails from Cyber Skyline to complete their registration.

Coaches – If you have not already paid for your students’ registration, go HERE to log-in and continue to enter payment information.

Parents of individual student competitors – go HERE to pay for your child to complete their registration.

If you haven’t received your students’ registration codes and expect that you should have, please contact

Setting Up Teams

Players may form teams of up to 4. There are teams for all of the monthly games, but there are no teams in the Practice Gym.

By default, players will be placed in each game as a team of one person (themselves). To have multiple people on a team, one person should be made responsible for setting up the team. This individual will set the team‘s name and invite the other team members.
To set the team‘s name, select “Cryptography” game on the dashboard. Then click “Edit Display Name” on the far right column. You can see an example here.
To invite other members to the team, select “Cryptography” game on the dashboard. Then copy the code to the right of the “Team Info” header on the far right column. You should then share this invite code with your teammates. Once they have the code, they should navigate to the “Cryptography” game and select the “Transfer Teams” option and enter the code. Once they enter the code to transfer teams, they will be moved to your team. You can see an example here.
At the start of the Cryptography game, the teams will be frozen and name changes will no longer be possible.

Using the Practice Gym

Bookmark this link to access your PowerUp Cyber Games dashboard:

Practice Gym modules are broken down into problem sets organized by increasing difficulty and complexity. Solution guides provide explanations and resources. Many students find it helpful to reverse engineer solutions to increase their comprehension. Answers at the end of each solution guide offer the opportunity to work through each problem from both directions.

We encourage you to use free curricula from one of our trusted partners at the bottom of the page, connect with your Navigator, and converse with other coaches on our Slack workspace to round out the Practice Gym educational experience.

Competition Windows

Students will compete on a Thursday, Friday, OR Saturday for a consecutive 3-hour block. Teams will select a three-hour window that fits their joint availability between the hours of 8 am – 8 pm CT.

Connecting with your Navigator

Navigator mentors will be matched with coaches throughout the first month of the season

Navigators and coaches can collaborate and connect with each other in the PowerUp Cyber Games Slack workspace. Slack workspace links will be sent directly to Coaches and Navigators.

Educator Resources

Cybersecurity curricula, resources, and professional development. Create an account with one of our trusted K-12 education partners to access all of their training and materials for free. 

Competition challenges resources and guides

Please share any resources you love with to have them added to this list.

Websites to Whitelist

Here are some of the more commonly used websites that you might run across during the competition. These are also examples of websites but there will also be alternative websites you could use that have similar tools.