The Midwest Cyber Center (MC²) kicked off their first Cybersecurity Pre-Apprenticeship Program late January at T-REX.  The State of Missouri funded two cohorts of 10 students to go through MC²’s 8 week, in-person program.


The pre-apprenticeship program is intended to provide another educational path for career seekers to enter the cybersecurity field. This 8 week, in-class, instructor taught course helps candidates learn workplace readiness skills, IT Fundamentals, and the NIST Framework.  In addition to better employment readiness, candidates earn their CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification through the course. At the completion of the program, they will graduate into MC²’s Registered Apprenticeship Program eligible for placement at a company.


“We realized that our cybersecurity apprenticeship program was great for career transitioners in their mid-thirties, but it fell short trying to use the same program for people just starting off in their careers,” said Executive Director of the Midwest Cyber Center, Tony Bryan. “That’s why we partnered up with the State of Missouri and the St. Charles County Workforce and Business Development to create a pre-apprenticeship program. We feel confident that this pre-apprenticeship program will truly help meet people where they are in starting their cybersecurity career.”

With more than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs unfilled, the Midwest Cyber Center (MC²) is committed to increasing the region’s talent pool through a registered apprenticeship program.