Did you know apprenticeships are a good way to help fill entry level cybersecurity roles? Meet NaTasha Pulver. She’s one of Midwest Cyber Center’s candidates ready to start their cybersecurity apprenticeship journey.

NaTasha Pulver is an aspiring cyber security analyst who has background in mental healthcare. As a behavioral technician and counselor, she works with families to analyze behaviors before recommending treatments from evidence-based practices. She hopes to use these skills in combination with ongoing education to focus on streamlined user experience. In her free time NaTasha enjoys exercise, art, and learning cisco networking by building a test network.

Our region has tens of thousands of people like NaTasha Pulver who are hungry to learn new skills and get into better paying jobs. We’ve seen that they’re willing to put in the hard work required; they just need the opportunity.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, join us Nov 15th as we update employers on the future of MC2’s program and how companies can hire candidates. We will also hear from companies who have partnered with us, a current apprentice, and candidates available to hire.

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