Did you know apprenticeships are a good way to help fill entry level cybersecurity roles? Meet Devin Wright. She’s one of Midwest Cyber Center’s candidates ready to start their cybersecurity apprenticeship journey.

Devin Wright is a consummate learner. Be it spoken languages or programing languages or beginning taekwondo at age 27, she thrives on processing and applying new information and concepts. She currently works as a swim coach at the Center of Clayton. There she teaches teens and adults to swim like sharks rather than whales and encourages them to test their limits. Her own limits were tested when she was faced with serious health problems and the inability to finance the rest of her education. Devin crushed illness and is now looking to conquer the career field. A puzzle-fiend, she is determined to find a place in a field that is always evolving, where no two problems are ever the same, and where she can make a real splash (outside of the pool). Cybersecurity is that field. Not only does Devin find protecting network systems and data dreadfully exciting, she is also eager to lead the way for other Latinas into tech. The Midwest Cyber Center Apprenticeship program has offered her this life changing opportunity and she is ready to dive in (and promises no more swimming-related puns).

The Midwest Cyber Center (MC2) exists to connect ambitious people like Devin with life-changing opportunities to learn cybersecurity, enabling them to earn well-paying jobs that last.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, join us Nov 15th as we update employers on the future of MC2’s program and how companies can hire candidates. We will also hear from companies who have partnered with us, a current apprentice, and candidates available to hire.

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