By: Mike A. Bryan

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw

Mary K. Price, or Mickey as we know her, is one of our most recent candidates to begin an apprenticeship. She has been at Barry Wehmiller since the end of March 2020, where her direct supervisor is a former apprentice, Darrick Hall. Starting her apprenticeship at the beginning of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she had no idea what to expect over the coming months. Luckily for her, Barry Wehmiller is a global enterprise and adapted to remote work quickly and easily. In her apprenticeship, she is doing something new and learning something new everyday, which keeps the work interesting and challenging. Her team places a large emphasis on constantly learning which, according to Mickey, is what cybersecurity is really all about. Having a former apprentice as her boss has made her transition smooth and is actively helping her grow into her role. 

Now, a little about Mickey’s upbringing before she came to CyberUp. She grew up nearby in Centralia, Illinois, and used to come to the city often. Since there weren’t many good job opportunities in her hometown, she moved here without a job or a plan. She says “it has worked out pretty well so far,” as she is now married and has a pet cat, Loki. Mickey has always been interested in computers and was often the “tech support” of her household growing up. “I never really knew what I was doing but I would spend hours troubleshooting and really get sucked into trying to make things work,” according to Mickey. She also says about her IT experience: “If there is an area of technology that really interests you, run with it. Build it. Then learn how to secure it.” Take note, apprenticeship candidates – to be successful in our industry you have to be willing to try and fail and try again! 

Currently in school for Network Engineering, she decided to go back to school after years in customer service and teaching swimming lessons to find something new and challenging. When not at work or school, she likes hiking, swimming, yoga, reading, and puzzles. And of course, spending time with her husband, whom she married in October of 2019. Mickey is still unsure of her ultimate goal in cybersecurity, but thinks that pentesting might be the way to go. She loves learning, so she hopes to learn other roles along the way as well. 

We couldn’t be happier for Mickey to have landed somewhere so welcoming and beneficial to her education. Thanks to Barry Wehmiller for their continued support of CyberUp’s mission to cultivate the cybersecurity talent pipeline, and Good Luck, Mickey!