The rapidly evolving nature of threats in today’s cyber landscape has prompted St. Charles-based Masterclock, Inc. to partner with the Midwest Cyber Center to better position the company for future success in understanding and adopting best practices in cyber activity and security.

“We supply timing equipment to organizations around the globe and have seen quite a variety of levels of implementations of best practices in security,” explained Masterclock CEO John Clark. “We feel we can deepen our relationship with our existing clients by ensuring our guidance drives better adoption of secure practices in their installations while also getting more granular feedback to drive better design and implementation in our own future products. This partnership helps us take a fresh look at our approach and develop additional expertise and capabilities.”

The company will bring on an apprentice from the Midwest Cyber Center with support funding from the Missouri Job Center of St. Charles County’s On-the-Job-Training (OJT) program to offset the costs. The apprentice program is designed to provide a mix of educational training and real-world experience on-site to ensure participants attain understanding of both theory and practical application of cyber security best practices.

“The Midwest Cyber Center was created to meet a dramatically growing need for cyber-security talent in the St. Louis metro area,” explained Midwest Cyber Center Executive Director, Tony Bryan. “Masterclock is a great example of a company that recognizes the importance of hiring up and coming talent through registered apprenticeship programs. Their candidate is incredible and we are looking forward to following her journey over the next 18 months.”

On June 15, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order expanding apprenticeships in America to create more efficiency in workforce training and development. The program is designed to provide more affordable pathways to secure, high-paying jobs by promoting apprenticeships and effective workforce development programs while easing the regulatory burdens on such programs.

“There is nothing we like better than collaborating with businesses, training providers and job-seekers in the region to create a win-win-win situation,” said Scott J. Drachnik, executive director of the Missouri Job Center of St. Charles County. “We wish more companies would follow Masterclock’s example and be willing to use services and funding resources available from our Job Center to help offset training and wage costs when they are looking to add a new employee who is still growing in their skills.”

About Masterclock, Inc.

Masterclock designs and manufactures precise timing systems for a variety of industries. Since 1994, our product portfolio of master clocks, time servers, count controllers, digital displays, analog clocks, and PC cards are trusted in mission critical applications. Masterclock’s time synchronization devices do everything from ensuring smooth programming transitions for broadcasting studios to helping astronauts with timely liftoffs.

About Midwest Cyber Center

Midwest Cyber Center (MC²) was founded in 2015 after regional leaders identified a lack of qualified workforce to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals. To learn more visit or call (618) 722-5117.


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