LMI, the premier sponsor of the Midwest Cyber Center (MC2), visited the newly established Cyber Technology and Research Lab (CTRL) near Scott AFB on June 30, 2017. LMI executive and corporate staff members received a tour of the lab and presented a $50,000 check in support of the facility’s initiatives.

LMI’s Midwest Regional Office director, Deb Hagstrom, kicked off the event and preluded additional comments from Senior Vice President and COO Jeff Bennett and Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer Angie Casper. Tony Bryan, executive director of MC2, provided an overview briefing of the lab to attendees.

“It’s rewarding to see our commitment to the facility growing into something so beneficial for both the area and national security,” said Bennett. “And we look forward to the new opportunities the Cyber Technology and Research Lab will bring to the tremendous talent we see at the base and in the greater community.”

The CTRL officially opened May 24 to develop a highly trained workforce while also providing a 24/7 opportunity for Scott AFB and surrounding communities to collaborate and learn from each other.


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