Some reflections on a crazy year

By: Mike A. Bryan By all accounts, the past year has been a trying time in our country. As if the problems with police and protesters, the fires raging on the West Coast, the numerous tornadoes and hurricanes, and intense political divisiveness weren’t enough, our country was faced with a pandemic it hasn’t experienced in [...]

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Future So Bright We Have to Wear Shades

In a recent article published by the Belleville News Democrat, they quoted, “We’re humble Midwesterners, but we should not be any longer.” These words are eerily similar to a message shared during the early stages of our strategic planning. This is how the Midwest Cyber Center described our work and our organization’s mission. I think [...]

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Thankful and Smiling – MC² Bash & Brews  

Thankful and Smiling – MC² Bash & Brews   By Tony Bryan, Executive Director for MC² I have a confession to make. I really don’t like fundraisers. After nearly 10 years in the nonprofit world I have planned A LOT of them. Galas, golf tournaments, trivia nights, stuff online, and even a night on Broadway. Each [...]

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