By: Amos Reed

We’ve heard the mantra repeated the past few months as we’ve endured the shifts from our “normal” in the wake of COVID-19: “We’re all in this together.” Every person has experienced an upheaval of their daily routine. Some have been called upon to serve longer hours caring for those who have been infected. Many have been thrust into isolation, forced to stay away from friends and loved ones. Others of us have become work-from-home-while-teaching-our-kids-experts. Or at least we’ve given it our best effort. Which has led me to the question, “Are we really in this together?” We are all adjusting our lives, but we are each experiencing a different existence during the process. We have all developed a “new normal” whether we want to admit it or not. The “normal” of just a few months ago is not likely to be a part of our lives for quite a while, if ever again. This makes me wonder how we come back into a focused push forward.

There are parts of this time that I want to be carried into my own personal new normal. Things like sharing dinner with my family, at the table, together. I’m sure you have things that you want to keep doing as well. And this has me thinking as well. What are the things we need to change, and what do we need to keep as part of our “new” lives? In our personal lives, I believe we would all do well to stop and evaluate that. However, the same goes for our business lives as well. In my daily work life, I focus on helping individuals shift into a new career, through the pathway of Apprenticeship. It’s a pathway that’s as old as humanity, really. It’s the older, wiser individual taking the new person under their wing and showing them the ropes, so to speak. And here’s the connection I’ve made while thinking through all of this…the “new normal” should have a lot of “old” things in it. Let me explain.

One of my most cherished memories is sitting at my grandparents’ table, enjoying a meal with them. It was an intentional slowing down and enjoying the moment, talking and genuinely connecting. It made me feel valued, loved, and safe. During my “new normal” I want to ensure I provide that opportunity for my kids, as well. I want to ensure I pull the “old” into our “new”. Because in the end, it is up to me to do so for them.

We can also pull some of the “old” into the “new” in the business world by making the effort to shift to an apprenticeship approach to meet some of our challenges. See, in my daily world, I look at the growing disparity between the number of trained, capable cybersecurity talents, and the number of open positions. We have an alarming number of open cyber positions in our nation. As more and more conveniences & technologies become more readily available, it is only growing with each passing day. Our methods of filling these roles has fallen short of the growth & demand, and I believe we can make a productive move forward to meet those demands by utilizing an “old” solution to our “new” problem. What if your company had a method, a plan, a path for multiple individuals to grow into the growing number of necessary roles? What if your company could implement the “old” method of apprenticeship to train up cybersecurity professionals within a year? How could apprenticeship change your culture for the better…just like our dinner table has changed my household? The reality is that there is nothing new under the sun. And nothing has truly changed in our world…except us. We have changed. Our perspectives have changed. Our view of “important” has changed. So, perhaps, the “old” things, like dinner together & apprenticeship, are just what we need to meet our “new” perspective. If your company could benefit from a conversation on its own Apprenticeship Program, let’s have that conversation and figure it out. I’m certain CyberUp can help. Everyone deserves a seat at the table…